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Friday, 19 February 2016

Where have I been you ask?

Where have I been you ask?

Well I've only been off having a baby!! A baby boy to be precise!
I've pretty much taken time out from absolutely everything I used to do and it's been the best time ever. I am absolutely in love with my son and being a mum. It's been one of the best things I've done with my life lol.

Before having my son I wasn't in the best head space and was still grieving strongly from previous events and my job was getting me down and stressing me out. So giving myself time off and getting away from everything that was just not working for me has really calmed me and really helped settle me into motherhood!! And I LOVE it :D

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mac Madness...

Hey Everyone!!

                        Well I'm back with a new review of the new Mac Cosmetics goodies I picked up yesterday!! I had a lovely amount of Debenham beauty card points to use up before they expired so of course I had a nosey round Mac..lol. I knew I wanted to try one of the mineralized blushes so I instantly fell in love with "New Romance". It is a soft pink with a hint of peach to it and is very light. In the swatch it is darker but on the cheeks it is just gorgeous. It has a lot of shimmer in it, not big chunks but enough that you could over load on it. This shade is perfect for us paler girls who run away from dark berry or bright purple/pink shades (or maybe that's just me). Saying that, this would still work for darker skin tones as it would work as a highlighter more than a blush. You could also use it over a different shade if you want more colour as it is a very soft, light pink.

You can clearly see I am pretty pale lol but this is a great example of the shade. It looks slightly powdery in this swatch but it applies very good and is easily blended and you really can't over do it as it is so light.  It leans more to the peach side in this picture but the pink comes out more on cheeks. 

Next up I got the Pro longwear spf 10 foundation in NC15. I'm lucky enough that I know the assistant that helped my at the counter yesterday so I had said to her that I was looking for a matte finish foundation that will last most of the day and doesn't cause me to get oily throughout the day. She immediately recommended this foundation due to her personal experience with it. I'm really impressed already. I admit I have only had it on for a short time but I can already tell this foundation will work for me. With some other foundations I tried in the past that claim to be oil free and mattifying, I would notice that within the first 20 minutes my skin can start to get shiny and oily. This is staying strong and my skin is matte and shine free!! I applied it with a beauty blender and it went on soo nicely and I only had to use 2 pumps worth of product. I was also pleasantly surprised that this product came with a pump! My last foundation I got from Mac didn't have a pump with it and I remember being really disappointed by that lol. So the pump is a bonus!!

 I took several images to try and show the true shade. These are all in natural light next to my window so I guess you can't get any more accurate than that lol. I didn't go crazy with my makeup today so all I have on is my pro longwear foundation and New romance blush and a little mascara.

I hope this modest review helps any of you lovelies who are looking for something new and I'll be back soon with a new post :D

Thanks for reading

Emma xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lush Haul Part 1!!

Hey Everyone!!

                             I'm back with a quick look at what I treated myself to from the Lush Boxing Day Sale! I love Lush Cosmetics so knowing that my favourite Rose Jam shower gel was gonna be in the sale, I just had to get one!! So of course I got a 500g size and I do not regret it lol.

Rose Jam smells like strong Turkish Delight and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

Next up is the So White shower gel which I had bought a smaller size of before Christmas and just fell in love with the crisp apple scent this gel has. Really refreshing and pleasant to use.

Snow Fairy I believe is everyone's favourite from what I have read in other blogs. I personally enjoy the scent but it is far from my favourite. It smells like sweets, very, very sweet and candy like. I do enjoy the scent and look forward to using it in the summer but I can see myself getting sick of the scent.

Celebrate is my first body lotion from Lush Cosmetics. I generally find Lush lotions over priced which is why I've never had one before so when I seen this at half price I just had to grab it. This one was the last one!! Woop! Its got a very fresh, citrus scent to it and is very moisturising on the skin. I did notice that it sat on my skin a little longer than I like but still left my skin soft and subtle, so no complaints.

Last but not least I picked up a Snow Fairy Sparkle! This is a massage bar or at least that is how I've been using it. I simply just smooth it over my dry skin and rub it in. The instructions for this were to squish it in your hand to release the glitter then rub it over your body. I think that is a waste of product! That to me would suggest you only get one use out of it and at £4.95 that's a very expensive one use. I paid half price for it so was around the £2.45ish mark. So although my method may not be the glittery, massage mess that I was instructed to have, I am very happy with my method and the product will last a lot longer and makes it's better value! This massage bar carries the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel.

I got a few other things but I'm gonna save those for part 2 of my Lush Sale Haul!

Thanks for reading!

Emma xx

#LIPHUG!! Makeup Revolution

 Hey Everyone!

                        Well I'm just gonna get straight to it today ;). About 3 months ago I decided to try the new Makeup Revolution #LipHug lipsticks. These lipsticks remind me of others like Revlon Lip Butters and Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks. I own several of the Revlon Lip Butters and 1 of the UD Revolution lipsticks. Honestly I like them all! So when I seen these I just had to try them as I love these types of lipstick formulas!! So I debated with myself long and hard to try and pick the best colours for me and decided on "Love Can Set You Free" and "When You Came To Me". These are both nude pink shades with "Love Can Set You Free" being the darker, more pigmented shade. Both are very wearable and definitely great everyday shades, almost your lips but better kind of shades but not quite that natural :D. The staying power on these lipsticks I found were actually really good, for a product that costs only £2.50 they last a good time. A good example is I just had lunch before starting this post and my lipstick is still there, yes slightly faded but its clearly still on my lips. Bonus!! They are also very moisturising so do not dry out your lips and are very smooth and creamy to apply.

 Left to Right: When you came to me and Love can set you free

Love Can Set You Free - Natural Daylight

When I Came To You - Natural Daylight

  Considering these products are only £2.50!! The packaging I feel is very sleek and sturdy. When pulling these out for a touch up you don't feel like your using a cheaper product!! Bonus!!
  I have my eye on other shades and would not hesitated to purchase them but the shades are a lot darker and I'm not one to wear a lot of dark shades, especially during the day so the only thing I would like to see from Makeup Revolution concerning these lipsticks would be more neutral shades, maybe a lovely peachy pink or coral tones.

 One down side I personally didn't like is the smell. These have "that" smell, the waxing lipstick smell. It's not unpleasant but I did notice this the first time I applied but I still wouldn't be put off! I really love these! So overall I really don't have any faults with these and I'm very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products with such a low price tag! Bonus!

 For any of you lovelies who would like to look at this range and the other shades that are on offer here is the link http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/lips/new-liphug.html, Happy Shopping!!

Thanks for reading!

Emma xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I'm Back!! Finally

Hello Everybody,

                         I hope you have all been keeping well. It has been a very long time since I last published anything on my blog. I believe my last post was full of promises which I did intend to keep but my life took a very bad turn and I just didn't have the time or emotional energy to fulfill any promises. I don't really want to share too much about my lose but it was a great lose to me and my family. I have taken the past year to really just get back to normal life and find emotional stability again so I'm finally feeling a lot more like myself these days :). I can finally say I think I'm ready to get back to blogging...yay!! In other news I changed jobs and am now able to blog and what not during my shift which is awesome!! So I really have no excuse anymore lol.

                       Coming up I have some Makeup Revolution products I want to review and maybe a post on high street prices vs high end prices and if the quality really is worth the extra money. I have been on a Makeup Revolution obsession recently and have purchased a good several products from them. I'm pretty impressed and really excited to share my views on the company and products that I've purchased!!

                       Anyhow I'm glad to be back and very excited about getting my blog back on track and maybe changing a few things. I have never been the best when it comes to graphics and layouts and stuff of that kind but I really want to do a whole overhaul of this blog. It feels so dated and meh lol. Also noticed that some of my images from old posts have disappeared.....completely baffled by that! The only thing I can think of that may have caused that is I changed my phone ( My Samsung note 1 met its end with a face plant onto my coffee table...I cried...just a little) I now have a Sony Xperia Z2 which has an excellent camera so my photo quality should improve at least. I used to blog from my Samsung and the images that have disappeared I remember were from my phone, so apologies for that.

                      Anyhow I feel like I'm just trying to fill space now and wanted to keep this post short so please keep your eyes out for my new reviews and I'll be back soon!!

Thanks for Reading Embur xx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Just a little life update!!

 Well, good afternoon everyone!

      What a lovely, pleasant Sunday afternoon :) and a fabulous few months I've been having, which is why my blog has been getting neglected :(....sorry!! But I'm back to business now and ready to get some more reviews and maybe a few tutorials up on my blog!

So my good news is that I've been off visiting Canada, getting engaged and starting my theatrical special effects makeup course!!

So Canada was fabulous, totally think I might move out there in the coming years!! Especially if I want to pursue a career in makeup!! Think of the job potential that is in that country!? I had a blast, visiting my family, enjoying new food and seeing new cultures :D. Loved it! While I was there my boyfriend of 7 years decided it was time to get engaged so he proposed and of course I said yes!! So I am now on the hunt for the best bridal products and makeup looks for my big day!!

Here is a potential bridal look or maybe just an excuse to wear red lips?! Totally in love with red lips these days!! and a little flash of my ring ;).

So on another note, I have started my Theatrical special effects, hair and media makeup course. Loving it so far!! Haven't actually learnt anything  new as of yet, but it has only been the first 4 weeks of the course and there has been teething problems. All seems to have settled down now and so start our bridal airbrush makeup next week. Really looking forward to that :) x

So that is pretty much it for my quick update. I plan on doing a pictorial or maybe a video blog on some of the looks I've been creating in class, so keep checking back for those. Other than that, have a great Sunday and I will be back soon.

Thanks for reading

Embur xx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kiko Cosmetics Review

Evening Lovelies

So....I have finally gotten round to writing this review on KIKO MAKE UP MILANO . Firstly..a little about the company "KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women, and even men, of any age"....AND they are cruelty free :D!! 

My first impressions of the brand is very positive. I love the packaging, it looks really exotic and luxurious. The feel of the outside packaging material is slightly thin feeling but what do you want for something you end up throwing away anyways. The product packaging is absolutely beautiful and very well thought out.  I will continue with all the pros and cons throughout the rest of the review so keep reading ;) 

Here's the link to the website that I purchased my items from http://www.kikocosmetics.co.uk/

All these item where on sale so I got them at around 50% of the normal price so go check the site out now before everything is gone!!!!

I used all the product below to achieve this look. The colours I chose are all natural pinks so to fit into my everyday looks and routine.

This is the sun bronzing blush Marine Coral. This is a 3 coloured bronzer but I found it better as a warm blush and highlighter. This product is very similar to Mac Face powders, maybe slightly more pigmented but you could still use the lightest shade as an all over shimmering powder. 

I adore this packaging. There is a compact mirror inside and you just feel like your holding something a LOT more expensive than it actually is!  The only downside to this product was it had a LOT of fallout and dust so be careful of your clothes when using
The normal price for this item is £13.90 and I got it on sale for £6.90...That's an excellent price compared to the price of the face powders that MAC Cosmetics sell.
Marne Coral - they don't have individual shade names but I have swatched each shade separately and then swirled them together to create the overall blush shade that I'm loving. You can see how natural and flush these colours are and how diverse they can be. 
Lip Volume Lip Plumping Cream £6.90. This lip plumper is NOT like other plumping products. It does Not have a tingle..woop!! Although I do like a bit of tingle because it feels like the product is working lol. Anyways, this is a lovely cream to wear. I've been applying it before I start my makeup so my lips are ready for lipstick. I haven't noticed any difference in the shape or volume of my lips but I have only been applying it as a night cream and before I apply my lipstick. The plumping effects should be more noticeable if being used continuously 
Long Lasting Lipstick in shade 01. The shade is no longer available on the UK site but I think it was called  Tea Rose because I remember thinking it sounds like one of the e.l.f cosmetics mineral lipstick names lol. Anyways, this lipstick was a little brighter than I thought it was going to be but I played around with it and made it work for me.  Below is the swatch I did.
The colour is a peach coral shade and I think it really suits my paler skin tone and seems to bring out the green in my eyes. The texture was shiny to start but it dried to an almost matte finish which I wasn't expecting. I find matte textures always make my lips look drier than they actually are but once I had a play, I found that I actually really liked this one. It's staying power was about 3-4 hours but that included drinks and eating. For a cheaper product that isn't too bad for staying power. It also looks great with a clear or shimmering gloss over the top ;). 
Pigment loose eyeshadow £2.90 reduced from £5.90 - Shade in 31 Radiant Freesia . On the website this looked much darker than it actually was when it arrived so I was a little meh about that but I had a play and realised I could work with it and that I didn't have a shade like this ( I try really hard to pick different shades so I don't have 3 that are all similar lol ). On the eyes this shade is 2 toned and very pale, so for dramatic looks I'd recommend applying it over a primer or darker shade to enhance the shade. Otherwise, if you like a more natural summer look then do what I did and wear it alone. It has a lovely tone to it and is very flattering on those less is more days ;). 
Sorry this swatch does not capture the true multi-tonal effect of this shadow but it does show  it's base colour very well.
3D Eye Lift Eyelid Serum £4.90 reduced from £9.90. So funny story about this product...I didn't pay attention to the fact that this is an EYELID serum and I had been using this as an UNDER eye serum lol but I was very impressed by the affects it had on my undereye area but I found it very sticky once it had dried and then I read the box and realised it  was actually an eyelid serum/primer lol. Although I started out using it wrongly, I think I might keep using it on my undereyes because I really noticed my fine lines and dark circles had lessened but it also worked extremely well as an anti-aging serum/primer. I'm in my late 20's now and I'm starting to notice things are just a little bit lower than they used to be lol so I'm definitely looking out for some excellent anti-aging products!!! 
Here's another picture of my full ace look achieved with all these products. 

Overall, I think these products are very good! Very well priced, good quality, Italian made with a luxurious feel to them. The colours are good, modern , fashionable shades with very good pigment quality. The wear time was average. I wouldn't say these products will last throughout the entire day without a touch up or re-apply but if you use a good primer and setting routine I could see them stretching if you know the tricks :).
I will definitely be buying more from Kiko in the future but not for a while as I have enough makeup to do me for a now lol.

Thanks for reading

Embur xx

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Monday, 24 June 2013

My Kiko Cosmetics just arrived!!

So I've been waiting a week or so for my Kiko Cosmetics to arrive and today they finally came!! Woop woop! I've never tried these before so looking forward to testing them out! Also the prices where very friendly on my purse this month.

So over the next couple of days I'm gonna be putting these products to the test and will be back sometime at the weekend with my reviews ;). Tempted to maybe even make a video review.....haven't decided!

Later lovelies xx

Thanks for reading

Embur xx

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Look what I just got!!! Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I just got these in the post today!! It's my first time ever buying and trying these things so I will have a play and let you all know what these wee beauties are like!!

Left to Right :- 210 Frock Star, Hot Wired, Ghoulie Girl.
I got the glitter strips because I thought these would be excellent for the accent nail look! And I got Hot Wired and Ghoulie Girl for Halloween ;)....cant wait to try these!!!!

Thanks for Reading

Embur xx

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Friday, 14 June 2013

NAILS, NAILS, NAILS............

Good evening everyone!!

Just thinking of some new posts and I thought I would share with you what I do for a living and that happens to be nails. I'm a fully qualified nail technician and a trainee makeup artist. I'm starting my theatrical and media hair and makeup course in September and I am SOOOOO friggin excited!! Can't wait to get my hands dirty ;). Any hows I'm not fortunate enough to get to do nails as a full time thing at the minute so I also work in a cafe which pays the bills :). I'm hoping to get fully qualified in makeup and open my own business one day...but in the mean time I'm blogging to keep myself in tune with the industry and current affairs in beauty, makeup and nails. So I thought this would be a good time to do a little humble showcase of some of the nails I've done :).

Here I have used BarryM in "Rose Quarts". This shade is VERY similar to the very sold out Katy Perry polish "teenage dream "....just saying ;).  

Although its raining these shades are great for summer right now! never mind the weather ;). On my toes is opi "elephantastic pink" and fingers is China Glaze " Keep Calm, paint on ", which is great for the on trend pale green nails for this summer trend!!! 

On these nails is ECO soak off gel in the shade " Red Cherry". It happens to be more like a deep pink than a cherry red BUT I still like it a lot and got lots of compliments wearing this shade :). 

Some ruby glitter red  nails for one of my lovely clients :D. The shade is " Good Gossip " by Harmony Gelish. 

This is China Glaze "Trapeze"  nail polish and I LOVE this polish, it's so different!!

Sometimes I have to keep them neutral so this is what I usually go for in those times. 

This is a set I did for a teenage formal and she absolutely loved them!! 

This is my all time favourite way to have my nails!! Just love blood red, vintage shades!! And my art deco ring x

 Well that's just some pictures of the way I've had my nails the past few months. If you would like to see more pictures and updates on my nails then please subscribe and/or leave a comment and let me know and I'll see what I can do :D.

P.S I have more updates of my nails on my instagram page if you want to check it out for more regular pictures :D http://instagram.com/embur21

Thanks or reading

Embur xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

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So I'm starting to get the hang of this blogging ( I think ), I'm not the most tech savvy but I'm slowly getting my head around things like links and HTML's lol. Any hows I know I've not been blogging much over the past few months and it's simply been down to work commitments and changing jobs and lifestyle changes and all that jazz ;) but I'm back and I've got some new reviews in mind to come ;D.

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If anybody can help me and explain how I can gets these links on my page then feel free to leave a comment...any advice will be welcome :D

Embur x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mariah Carey for OPI collection....my 3 favourites...

Hey Hey Everyone!!

So I gave in and bought myself a few colours from the Mariah Carey collection by OPI. I got Can't let go ( purple ), got your number ( blue ) and stay the night (black with red glitter) . All three colours are in the new sand effects formula.
I like this formula but its NOT outstanding! The purple and blue shades applied lovely. Only needed 2 coats but the black applied patchy and slightly uneven but with 3 coats it worked out fine. I also found it took quite some time to dry but that could have been my impatience as I was trying to get all my swatches done in one sitting lol.

Once dried I quite liked the glitter matte effect they left but I love glossy nails so ended up applying a top coat....4 coats of top coat lol. This formula eats top coat...prepare to be applying a lot of it!!! I used Poshe fast drying top coat :).

Even though it took a while to play with I still like it and Stay the night was defo the colour that drew me into the collection...not Mariah Carey lol but it turned out to be my least favouite and most hassily shade! Although, with that...I got loads of compliments on my nails that week :). Got your number is my favourite colour...I just love the vivid and brightness of this shade!
The rest of the collection I found a little bland...lovely shades but nothing I've not got or seen before so I  didn't feel the need to have any of the other shades except for one which is called a butterfly moment. I absolutely love this shade...it is a pretty,peachy nude with a pearl effect through it...absolutely gorgeous!! I have no photos to show of this shade yet as I've not taken photos of it on....but I will!!!
Overall I think I got the best and most unique colours from this collection and I am happy I did but I wont be rushing out to get loads more of the sand effect polishes....3's enough!! But I am excited for the Oz collection coming to me soon!!!!

This is Got Your Number with a top coat over it. As you can see it smooths down the surface and sets nicely on this shade.
Unfortunately the top coat does not seem to look as smooth on Stay The Night but I eel this shade  is lovely without the top coat anyways. 
Stay the night - With Flash
Stay the night - No Flash
Got Your Number - No Flash
Got Your Number - With Flash
Can't Let Go - with flash
Can't Let Go - with no flash
Can't Let Go 
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Embur x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kat Dennings inspired makeup...

So..was going out last night and I had been watching 2 broke girls before I started getting ready. I admit I've a bit of a girl crush on Kat so it only felt right that I tried her signiture look!! Ive also been getting bored of my usual go-to makeup looks so I fancied trying out the dark lips and cat liner....I loved it!! Got sooooo many compliments from my friends and i felt really good!! So thank you Kat Dennings for inspiring me to try this dark,sultry look lol :p.

  I know the photo isn't great but this was just a fun post. Think I'll re-do it though for some fun!! :D 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Flower power....

In my last post I said I was thinking of doing more nail tutorials ( seeing as nails is my profession lol, makes sense ) so I have been busy practising my freehand flowers. These flowers are something ive wanted to learn for ages and now im sooooo happy ive finally learnt the right technique!! So I hope you enjoy as much as ive enjoyed doing them!!!
If you would like some step by step pictures...then let me know ;)
Thanks for reading!
Embur x